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Cardiac and orthopedic surgery

Cardiac and orthopedic surgery


Using the best science and knowledge of Isfahan in cardiac surgery, angiography and orthopedic surgery, as well as experienced and ethical nurses, this department is ready to accept patients for diagnosis, treatment and care in the fields of cardiology and orthopedics.

All the rooms in this department have a beautiful design and appearance with a great view of the city of Isfahan and Mount Safa, and are equipped with comfort and accommodation facilities required by the patient, including a tea maker, TV, refrigerator, toilet and bathroom, a nurse call system, and Internet access( Wi-Fi ) and the  three main meals with a varied menu and snacks depending on the patient's  desire and doctor's diagnosis.

Special Service:

Heart surgery section:  CABG or coronary artery graft,  Benthal or Aortic root replacement , Repair Replacement of heart valves with open and closed method ,   Pulmonary embolectomy  or clot removal  ,   The exit of the mass from the cavities of the heart،  Repair of atrial or ventricular wall defect ،  Angiography and angioplasty of coronary or peripheral vessels, Installing a pacemaker or heart defibrillator ، Electrophysiology of the heart  and etc...


Orthopedic section:  Hip replacement، Knee joint replacement ،  Cruciate ligament repair ، Meniscus drainage ، Types of open and closed fractures ، Insertion and removal of bone pins ،   Wrist nerve release ، Treatment of toe deviation ،   Types of dislocations، Ligament injuries and etc...


The admission process in this department is  depending on the doctor's discretion.   It might be  the night before surgery for pre-surgery procedures (such as performing all specialized consultations and blood tests and paraclinical tests) or to receive post-surgery care.

Our goal is the recovery and treatment of the patient and his return to normal life with fond memories of Milad Hospital.

Doctors in this department:

Dr. Amir Raufi

Dr. Amir Raufi

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