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Gynecology and obstetrics surgery


This department, with the most experienced doctors and personnel, along with a pleasant atmosphere and the use of modern equipment, takes steps to improve the level of medical care, especially the medical services needed by pregnant mothers. In this section, the following medical services are provided at the highest level of quality:

Immediate care after natural childbirth and caesarean section






Uterine and ovarian surgeries

Cancers related to women's diseases

Also, with the strict implementation of roaming in order to help mothers breastfeed their babies, the gynecology and obstetrics department of this hospital has been included among the child-friendly centers. In this method, the baby is placed next to the mother from the beginning of the birth in case of a natural delivery, and after the control, he can be transferred to the ward with her stay with  her and feed  with mother's milk all the time.

Special features:

Dealing with maternity patients as soon as possible


Adjacency of this department with the neonatal department and operating room

Breastfeeding education


Other diagnostic, therapeutic and educational services of obstetrics and gynecology department   :

Midwifery services and pregnancy care

Infertility counseling

Fetal ECG test NST

Bleeding resistant to medical treatment AUB

Uterine masses and uterine fibroids that require surgical treatment

Types of external and internal female genital cysts such as Bartholin's

Types of exploratory surgeries in pelvic masses that need treatment

Ectopic and ectopic pregnancies

Specialized professional trainings for mothers for breastfeeding

Physiological childbirth training class

Ovarian cysts and tonsils

Gynecology and obstetrics specialist visit

Midwifery professional training for sports and childbirth therapy services

Screening of uterine cancer lesions with an advanced colposcopy device

Advanced  outpatient imaging and  treatment

Training unit of specialized clinic for obstetrics and gynecology


Subspecialties related to obstetrics and gynecology:

Specialist in gynecological oncology

Specialist in perinatology

Laparoscopy specialist (endometriosis)

Infertility specialist IVF


Doctors in this department:

Dr. Ali Akbar Taherian

Dr. Ali Akbar Taherian


Dr. Elham Haft Baradaran

Dr. Elham Haft Baradaran




Dr. Fereshteh Haghighat

Dr. Fereshteh Haghighat